1. "Crystal-Points" are rewarded for any purchase at www.mallriver.com.
  2. "Crystal-Points" are indicated as symbol.
  3. When "Crystal-Points" accumulate to specified amount, they can be redeemed as cash value to purchase any item (or to redeem specified gifts).
  4. Every "Crystal-Point" can be converted into USD 1.00, and maximum at USD 2.00 after accumulation. Details as follow:

    "Crystal-Points" Reward Scheme

    Accumulated "Crystal-Points" Redeemed Cash Value Extra Incentive % Gift
    5 USD 5.00 0 -
    10 USD 12.00 +20% -
    20 USD 25.00 +25% -
    50 USD 75.00 +50% -
    100 USD 200.00 +100% -
    (Higher "Crystal-Points" value accumulated, higher cash value redeemed.)
  5. Cash value redeemed from "Crystal-Points", can be converted into any other currency at equivalent value.
  6. "Crystal-Points" rewarded from purchases, can be redeemed immediately when members settle their payment (member's account accumulates to at least 5 "Crystal-Points" or above).
  7. Members have to redeem all "Crystal-Points" in two years expiratory period.
  8. "Crystal-Points" can only be redeemed with purchases; they cannot be exchangeable for cash, and no change will be given in any form.
  9. In case of any dispute arising from"Crystal-Points" Reward Scheme, the decision of MALL RIVER shall be final.
  10. In promotion period, 1 "Crystal-Point" will be rewarded for all new members of successful registration.

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